Tuesday, August 14, 2012

An Amazing Last Month

Well the last month had been pretty busy. After we got setteled into our new home I had to start back going to work. I have to say work isnt so bad. I have great NCO's who are really going to work with me to get me on the right track Im happy and Kasons happy and thats what matters most. :)

In April I started talking to a guy I met online who already lived in Kansas. His name is Jordan and he's amazing. We had felt such strong connections to each other before meeting and then we met and it was over for us. He's quickly become my best friend and Kason and him get along great. We both work super long hours and hardly ever see each other during the week but spend pretty much the whole weekend together. Life is really starting to look up for Kason and I.


This past weekend we all went to the Circus in Topeka. Thats right Jordan came with us and I was so happy he did...so was Kason.

It was an awesome outing.


The weekend before that Auntski Chrissy came for a visit. Another HAPPY moment in the Skibinski household.

We had some fun adventures at the Manhattan Zoo...the Fire department came and was spraying water out of the house for the kids. Then we also went out to Kansas City to Schliterbahn Waterpark for the day right before Auntski left.


I finally got all of my house hold goods 2 weeks ago too. Our house is finally a home and we love it, I have my bed back and Kason has all of his toys.

I made that. :)

 My Korean Cabinet made it safe and sound. :)

Well thats all I have for now. Much love.

***Lexi ***