Sunday, July 8, 2012

First Days in Kansas

Hello Everyone...Im back in the blogosphere world but this time Im blogging from a much different place. Instead of Korea we are in Kansas now. I promise this time I am going to work hard on making sure I update this at least once a week.

Well Kason and I drove all the way down to Kansas on Wednesday the 4th of July and are staying at nice little hotel on base. Let me tell you all Fort Riley is HUGE bigger than For Jackson and Yongsan combined. Its taking some time to getting used to but I do know how to get to Main Post Chapel, my office, the PX/Commissary, Hotel and as of now those are really the places that matter the most. For months I had been doing house/apartment hunting knowing that I did not want to be living in a hotel for very long. I had found a cute little Apartment complex that has absolutely no negative reviews online whatsoever. Its very small...only a block long and the buildings are only 2 stories each. Well first thing Thursday I went to go check them out. They also have town homes available. I looked at both the 2 bedroom town home and the 3 bedroom apartments. I did LOVE the town home but I really like the idea of having an extra bedroom and the minute I walked into the 3 bedroom apartment I fell in LOVE. It has a large Laundry room and a nice big pantry. But my absolute favorite part of it is that the back has an open patio to a field...its like our nice little backyard. Lots of room for Kason to play. I immediately signed the lease on Thursday. Our little home is just PERFECT and we move in Monday. I promise I'll post pictures of it after we have all of our furniture and stuff by the end of the month hopefully. Another great thing about this place is that its very secluded...almost in the middle of nowhere but civilization is only like a 5 minute drive away and its about 10 minutes away from post. A good distance away.

Yesterday I went shopping for a dinning room table...something I was really anxious to get after not having one for 2 years. I'm very excited to start enjoying meals at a table with my sweet boy VS sitting on the couch.  I got the table I've been wanting for a long time...Isn't it beautiful?! :)

Well thats all I have for now. Ill try to post all about our leave soon I promise. 

Much Love 

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