Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our New Home

Well we finally moved into our Apartment yesterday. It's beautiful, perfect, roomy, and I just LOVE it. It's in a quiet neighborhood the apartment complex is literally a block long. It's about 5-10 minutes away from base. It's kind of in a secluded area. For like 4 miles you see nothing but hills and fields. We are actually in the Flint Hills of Kansas. It's just awesome! Kason loves the apartment too lots of room for him to move about unlike in our one in Korea which was just a dump.

This is the front door.

Our living room

The Kitchen and laundry room is at the very end. It's not apart of my kitchen anymore. Lol it's in it's own room and we have a wash basin. :)

The dining room. I can't wait to put my table in there.

Kason's/guest bathroom

Guest room

Kason's room

Some of my room. Lol it's actually much bigger. With a huge bathroom and walk in closet. :)

That concrete is our back patio....we basically have a back yard. :)

The community pool

The play ground. :) it's a little over a year old.

Well that's our place so far. Once all of our stuff gets here from Korea I'll be sure to post pics. It should hopefully be here in a couple weeks. We have one shipment coming today but it doesn't have much just clothes, army gear, some toys, and dishes.

Much love
Lexi <3

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